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Martin Nemec

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My name is Martin Nemec. I started playing volleyball when I was fourteen years old. I come from Pezinok, but I currently live in South Korea where I’m just starting my coaching career. In the past I worked as a professional volleyball player in South Korea for three years. I dedicate this website to all my fans as well as to all volleyball fans, but also to random visitors who want to know more about my sporting achievements, my coaching career and also something about my private life. I really appreciate your support.

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Acknowledgement to my fans


Dear family, friends, fans, team-mates, coaches and officials,

Everything happened so fast. From one day to the next, an active player became a coach. This change occurred right after my legionary season in Indonesia where I was trying to get into good playing condition again. In the previous season, I had not been able to play for several months because of fatigue injuries, thus my goal was to make up for lost time, prepare myself and fight for a permanent place on the court.

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