Acknowledgement to my fans


Dear family, dear friends, fans, team-mates, coaches and officials,

Everything happened so fast. From one day to the next, an active player became a coach. This change occurred right after my legionary season in Indonesia where I was trying to get into good playing condition again. In the previous season, I had not been able to play for several months because of fatigue injuries, thus my goal was to make up for lost time, prepare myself and fight for a permanent place on the court. However, it didn’t work out as I expected. Although I was very sorry, I decided to take a radical step. I exchanged the boards for the bench. Mr Shin Young Chul, my long-time friend and coach, offered me the chance to train an excellent team with him in South Korea – a country where I spent one of the most beautiful seasons of my career.

I’d like to express my gratitude to all the people who supported me and helped me throughout my career. I’m thankful for every success as well as every failure that pushed me forward. I’ll never forget the many experiences that accompanied me during my active career – whether hilarious celebrations after victories or hard times after losses.

Having the honour of representing my country at international events is also a beautiful chapter of my volleyball life. The most memorable event from my time on the Slovak Republic national team was our unsuccessful attempt at qualifying for the World Championship. It was always my dream to participate in this significant event. It’s a pity – we were really close to success. Unfortunately, this bitter memory always pops up in my mind when I remember my years spent on the national team.

I’m grateful to my dad and my uncle who brought me for my first volleyball training at VKP Bratislava, as well as to my mom who didn’t believe in me at first. It was a great source of motivation for me and I saw it as an opportunity to show her that I could do it. I played on many foreign teams in different countries, along world-class players and under the guidance of top-level coaches. I want to say thank you to Peter Kalný and also to Nejat Sancak from Turkey, who helped me to turn my dreams into reality. From my years at VKP I have to mention Martin Špaček, my main mentor whom I also appreciate as a friend. Without him, I wouldn’t be the person or the player I am today. Thanks for everything, Spike.

I will be happy to see all these people. It won’t be on the court, but just on the golf course, at the swimming pool with our children or at a good dinner, in the places where I used to play and where I met such amazing people who will be my friends forever.